Monday, July 14, 2014

Revolution by Deborah Wiles - A Soundtrack for a Book

by Deborah Wiles

Ok, so this is not really a review.

Many folks have had great things to say about Revolution
And I agree, Revolution is truly moving and amazing. 
But I am not going to go into all of the reasons why here, because as I said, this is not really a review.
I'm just going to highlight one thing that led to my staying up quite late listening to music via youtube videos.

Revolution is set during the summer of 1964 in Mississippi during what is known as "Freedom Summer." 

One of the many things that makes Revolution so powerful is how well it immerses the reader in the setting of 1964. At different transition points during the book, primary source materials (photos, documents, quotations, etc.) are presented in bold, visually captivating layouts. 

Tying each of these "episodes" together is a song. With lyrics big and bold through that section's pages. 

To me the songs were familiar, and as I read the lyrics, they resonated in my head as I continued to read. As the story lingered with me after I finished, I found myself on youtube seeking out different versions of the songs.

And that led me to this...

(click the above link to go to a youtube playlist of the videos embedded below)

Part 1 - Encampment

Part 2 - Maneuvers

Part 3 - Engagement

For more to get you into the mindset of 1964, visit Author Deborah Wiles' pinterest board: "REVOLUTION playlist - 1964"

*Yup, I know there are more songs mentioned in the book. 
And I also know that not all of my videos are circa 1964 performers etc. I picked versions I liked. 
You are welcome to do a search for your favorites.
Also, read Revolution. It IS truly moving and amazing.