Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cybils Superlatives: Widest

In my reading of piles of fiction picture books as a first round judge for the Cybils, I have enjoyed many fabulous and unique books. 

As a way to share a few of these titles, I give you the first of my "Cybils Superlatives": the widest book I have encountered among the nominees.

This gentle story about a sheep who doesn't feel like he fits in trying to find his way to a place that feels like home is visually striking at over 18 inches wide and only 7 inches tall.

The size alone intrigued my children, and as soon as I opened it to start reading, they were instantly by my side asking what it was about.

Digby the sheep has distinctive red and white stripes, and my 4 year old loved looking for the other things in each illustration that matched Digby.

The format forces the reader to slow down and get fully involved with the book. You have to move your arms and turn your head much more just to read and turn the pages.

A trim size that stands apart definitely fits with a character that stands apart.

Stay tuned for more Cybils Superlatives as my reading continues.

Monday, November 25, 2013

It is Monday - November 25th

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Recently I traveled out to Hartford, CT for AASl 2013
Graphic novels and audio books are my favorites while traveling. 
(I have a tendency toward motion sickness when reading pages of standard text while flying)

During this trip I enjoyed some amazing titles:

I enjoyed this as an audio book. The narrator is fabulous - it is his voice in the book trailer below.

so there are teetering piles of picture books all around my house.
More on this soon.