Friday, December 30, 2011

Ready, Set, Go - #nerdcott!

So when I was first imagining myself reading for #nerdott, I thought I would be a purist reading year by year starting with 1938, and then going to 1939, and so on.

 Looking at how I will be getting access to the early Medal and Honor books, I am thinking that it will take me a long time (and add more stress) to wait until I have the books for each year before reading on.

So since there really are no rules to this challenge, and I am trying to be as stress free as possible, I am going to start with reading what I can from the first decade as I get books in hand.

 To make things feel a little official, I did want to start with the first Medal Book:

 As I am reading I am trying to keep the criteria for the Caldecott award in my mind and be looking for examples of "distinguished illustrations in a picture book and for excellence of pictorial presentation for children."

I like to document with pictures, so expect lots of photo posts.
My pal and co-host, Anna of A to Z Library, is much more of a writer that I am, so I think we will make a great pair on this journey.

With that... ready, set, go #nerdcott!

Interested in joining us on the Caldecott Medal and Honor Book Reading Challenge? Find out more here.

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