Monday, February 6, 2012

6 things I love about Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett

Some of you know my alter ego, the knitter Orinda5.

So it probably comes as no surprise that Extra Yarn, a picture book about knitting, is a new favorite of mine.

Written by Mac Barnett
Illustrated by Jon Klassen

6 things that make me absolutely giddy about Extra Yarn 
(Why 6 and not 5? I just had to say one of the things twice!)

1. Extra Yarn is an awesome picture book about knitting!

2. Annabelle, the main character, has a magical box that never runs out of yarn.

3. Annabelle is never discouraged when others mock her love of knitting or knitted items, in fact she just considers it an invitation to knit for them.

4. Annabelle "yarn bombs" pretty much everything she sees.

5. The cameo appearances by Bear and Rabbit from I Want My Hat Back.

6. Ummm.... did I mention it's an awesome picture book about KNITTING!!!

The only thing that could make it any better, would be a cute book trailer to close this post. 

Instead I will leave you with another favorite, a music video from U900 with a crocheted bear and rabbit (see the connections!). 

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