Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Library Logistics: Little Books

I love it when others share the nuts and bolts of what they do and how they make it happen in their libraries, so I'm starting a feature called Library Logistics here on the 5 blog. I'm not going to say that it's a weekly feature - I'm too low stress for that - let's just call it an occasional feature. 

Earlier this week I shared a video walkthrough of my school library inspired by Sarah Ducharme of Try Curiosity and the walkthrough of her library.

My first Library Logistics post is about the bins you see on the shorter set of tables in the video.
I call these the "primary tables" because they more appropriately sized for the primary grade students, however even our 8th graders end up sitting at these tables at times.

The bins on the tables are filled with "little books". Yep, it's really just a size thing. 

I have a special section for oversized books, and these bins are where I put the tiny titles that otherwise might get lost on a shelf:

There are board books:

Pocket sized fact books:

And other fun little treasures:

There is no order or organization to the bins, so if you happen to be looking for a particular small book you may have to flip through more than one bin.

For the most part these books are heavily used (even by older grades), but not necessarily heavily checked out.
It seems there is often a little time for a little book.

The primary grades love the board books, and there is no feeling that these are "baby books". I often see the emerging readers finding ones they know or can read to share with their neighbor. 

Do you have some library logistics to share?
Feel free to use the logo at the top of this post.
I would love to hear about the hows and whats of your library life.


  1. Nice tour. How do you have your "Little Books" in the catalog? A special call number?

    1. Thanks! The board books have a call number of BB, but the others are dewey number or E with a special "sub location" in Destiny.

  2. Wow, what an amazing school library.