Monday, November 25, 2013

It is Monday - November 25th

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Recently I traveled out to Hartford, CT for AASl 2013
Graphic novels and audio books are my favorites while traveling. 
(I have a tendency toward motion sickness when reading pages of standard text while flying)

During this trip I enjoyed some amazing titles:

I enjoyed this as an audio book. The narrator is fabulous - it is his voice in the book trailer below.

so there are teetering piles of picture books all around my house.
More on this soon.


  1. Far Far Away was on my list to read, but now it's on my liste of audiobooks to check out. Thanks for sharing! Hope your conference was terrific!


  2. Hi there Laura, have fun with the Cybils fiction picture books! I am looking forward to knowing more about the finalists, I'm one of the second round judges! I'm also slowly going over a few of the nominees which I feel would most likely make it to the first cut. :) My daughter loves Faith Erin Hicks. She read Nothing can possibly go wrong, and love its basketball elements (she plays basketball in their school varsity too). She enjoyed Friends with Boys early this year. I'm sure she'd be delighted to find out that there's a new title. Will check our library if we have this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Graphic novels for traveling is a great idea! Thanks. You read several I have been looking forward to. good luck with the picture books!

  4. That's a lovely pile of picture books -- I can't wait to see the fruits of your labors. I'm in a final rush to finish reading all the 2012 Cybils finalists before the new ones are announced.