Friday, August 26, 2016

PCS Reads - Episode 12

Episode 12 of PCS Reads is live!

PCS Reads is a summer reading podcast for my school where all summer readers are welcome.

In this episode hear:
  • A new reading challenge
  • Author Kelly Barnhill on being a park ranger, visiting Costa Rica & Yellowstone National Park, and wonder.
  • Kelly Barnhill reading Part 2 of her prequel to The Girl Who Drank the Moon
  • Summer reading book recommendations 

Episode 12:

(Don't see the embedded audio player below? Click here)

Mentioned in Episode 12:



Billy’s Booger: a Memoir (sorta)

By Soman Chainani

Written by Carol McCloud, Caryn Butzke
Illustrated by Glenn Zimmer

Music used in the episode:
Dirtbike Lovers, Turning on the Lights and Wingspan by Blue Dot Sessions

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