Tuesday, September 6, 2016

PCS Reads - Episode 14 with Author Josh Funk

Episode 14 of PCS Reads is the first of the school year episodes that will now air periodically.

Episode 14 is a book creator episode featuring a single author or illustrator.
Today's guest is author Josh Funk, who visited my blog yesterday

Episode 14:
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Mentioned in Episode 14:

Author Josh Funk

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast


Dear Dragon

Pink is for Blobfish
By Jess Keating
with illustrations by David Degrand

Boats for Papa

One Day, The End
Illustrated by Fred Koehler

Normal Norman
Written by Tara Lazar
Illustrated by S. Britt

Under a Pig Tree: A History of the Noble Fruit
Written by Margie Palatini
Illustrated by Chuck Groenink

Music used in the episode:
Dirtbike Lovers, Discovery Harbor and Wingspan by Blue Dot Sessions

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