Monday, July 4, 2011

Cat Secrets by Jef Czekaj

"Read it again!" -my 5 year old every time we finished...

Cat Secrets
by Jef Czekaj

What it's About (in one sentence):
Cats have a book of secrets from which they read aloud when only cats are present, and you don't look like a cat.

What I love:
Kids will laugh. 
They will meow and stretch and interact with this book. 
And then they will want you to read it again.
The three cats in this book are about to start reading from the book of cat secrets when they see you, the reader. You don't look like a cat, but they give you the benefit of the doubt and decide to test your catworthiness through meowing, stretching, purring and napping.

The cat dialogue in this book is pure fun and begs for
voices and expression from the reader.

My Favorite Part:
The entire time the three cats are concerned about you and whether or not you really are a cat, a mouse in the background is doing everything it can think of to steal the book of cat secrets. 
I love this added story layer. Kids will love watching for what the mouse is doing next.
The cats are totally oblivious, and when the final test of napping comes around, the mouse finally gets it's paws on the book of Cat Secrets.

Other Connections:
This picture book is written entirely in dialogue bubbles. Cat Secrets is a good early example to use for explaining what order to read dialogue bubbles in a frame. Certain pages are not read strictly left to right - the reader must also be sure to start with the bubble closest to the top of the page - even if it not the farthest left.


  1. The illustrations you have taken really look bright and colorful. Would look out for this one.

  2. I so love the concept of this book, wonderfully hooking the child fully into the story. And love all the mouse antics too; Fun review!

  3. I've loved this book ever since I saw the book trailer for it. Wonderful review!

    Congrats as well! You are the Picture Book Challenge winner for July! If you could email me your address I'll get your book out to you as soon as I'm back from vacation. :o)

    (the1stdaughter at

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