Monday, July 25, 2011

Cloudette by Lichtenheld

by Tom Lichtenheld

What it's about in one sentence: 
Cloudette is a little cloud that wants to do big and important cloud things.

What I love:
There could not possibly be a cuter little cloud than Cloudette.  The illustrations are darling and the story sweet. Cloudette spends her days watching fireworks, and playing hide and seek with her friends before she gets blown very far from all she has known in a storm. Then she must make her way for herself and learn how to "let it pour."

My favorite part:
The clever wordplay (a squirrel who says "that's nutty" or  a bear who has "barely" gotten to know Cloudette), the vocabulary and the alliteration ("prodigious precipitation, pipsqueak!") make me love reading this one out loud again and again - and I have!

Other Connections:
Cloudette would be a fun connection for a kindergarten or first grade weather unit. See what connections can be made between Cloudette and real clouds, perhaps pairing it with something like Clouds by Marion Dane Bauer.

Cloudette is firmly placed in my top 10 list of picture books for 2011!

Cloudette Book Trailer:

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  1. What cool illustrations, I am going to look for this in the library this afternoon ;)

    Laura, I have awarded you the incredibly sweet blog award, you can check it out here at Miss Marple’s Musings