Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How a Stick of Gum Became a Reading Challenge

It started like any other morning...

... well once I made it to work, it was like any other morning.

A copy of the One and Only Ivan was returned and it was NOT on hold. 
(So maybe that wasn't like a normal morning either)

Someone will for sure want to check this out, I thought to myself as I grabbed it on the way to meet with a group of 4th graders.

While talking with the 4th graders - we discovered the previous reader forgot their bookmark.
A bookmark that could qualify for a next round of Battle of the Bad Bookmarks - an unused stick of gum.

This discovery was followed by...
"Can I have it?"
and finally,
"Laura, you should eat it!"

In that almost-a-snow-day-Ivan-lovin' moment, I responded with, " I could be convinced to eat this gum... for something special."

The 4th grade teacher (also named Laura) asked, "How about a reading challenge?"

So Laura D's class of 4th graders decided on a "gum worthy" class reading challenge, and teacher Laura and Librarian Laura were witnessed shaking hands agreeing to the deal.

"The Gum" is now on display in my office window.
I have a feeling that chewing it is in my future.

You can't see it in the picture, but the wrapper is covered in 5s! It's fate!

This piece of gum and my excited 4th grade readers totally made my day.

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