Monday, September 9, 2013

It is Monday... September 9th

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This was the Bud's choice for a read-together book. Such a great series to read out loud!
Although I did get a little weepy when Arthur steps off of the griffin. ~sniff~

Cupcake got to choose the next read-together book, and she chose Captain Underpants.
It is as advertised: Tons-o-fun and Lots-o-Laffs. And who doesn't love the Flip-o-rama?
The Bud has been having a great time reading this series on his own.
We also just purchased the app this weekend, and that has kicked his Captain Underpants love into high gear.

David Adler has a new series!

Read a preview of this cute adventure comic about Mermin the merman from Mer:

Interview with author Cecil Castellucci:

I've also been reading & re-reading....

This amazingly beautiful and informative nonfiction book that takes you on a trip across the transcontinental railroad was released last week. I finally got a hardcover copy (not just the F&G), and it is even more lovely than I expected.

I am so excited to meet Brian Floca this Thursday when he visits my school!


  1. I haven't picked up a nonfiction picture book for quite awhile now. Locomotive seems just like the thing for me to read through. The illustrations look great. I have the huge set of Spiderwick Chronicles (published in one hefty volume) but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Soon, I hope.

  2. Hadn't heard about Mermin yet, thanks! :)

  3. It's always exciting to meet a writer and/or illustrator of a book that you've enjoyed! Have a great reading week!