Monday, July 8, 2013

It is Monday...the Monday after ALA 2013

It was only a week ago that I was still in Chicago wrapping up my time at the fabulous American Library Association Conference.

So many folks have posted amazing wrap-ups:

Laura Golden (Author of Every Day After which is ordered and on its way to me as I post!)
100 Scope Notes 
Niki Barnes
Beth Shaum
Katherine Sokolowski

And so many more that I have read and enjoyed.

It is an impossibly amazing weekend to capture in a single post. 

I'll just say last Sunday night...

I wore a little fish with a hat.

And then chatted with the man who created the little fish with the hat...

just before he gave a very nice speech about making the book about a little fish with a hat.

Which was followed by more magical moments and a lovely video that was the perfect way to finish off my Caldecott Challenge at the 75th Anniversary of the Caldecott Awards.

Now it is a week later, and it's Monday.

I have been reading so many fabulous books in the past week thanks to the recommendations of my fabulous #nerdybookclub pals.

Happy Reading, Everyone!


  1. Can't wait to read Duke. It looks likes something that my boys will love to read! Dogs and war. Perfect.

  2. So many great titles on here. Many on my TBR! And what a great trailer for Journey. ALA sounded just magical . . . thanks for all of your real time tweets and photos, not quite the same as being there, but I could feel the joy of it all the same!


  3. I have an e-arc of The Real Boy. I need to get it read before it times out. I haven't head of Duke. I went to add that and Every Day After to my TBR list and saw I did already have EDA but can't remember why. So that means somewhere I've gotten double recommendations.

  4. WOW - just one week ago? That hardly seems possible. :) Great reading this week and next. What an amazing year - again - for books

  5. Oh, EVERY DAY AFTER looks quite good. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy reading this week. :)
    Ricki (

  6. I think you're the 3rd person today who read The Water Castle! Must go the library tomorrow and check it out.